• Design Supply Installation commissioning & maintenance for PV
    pumpimg system in Kefraya, 142kW.
  • Photovoltaic works In Mankoubin, Beddawi Camp adjacent area Solar PV
    Pump, 6kWP.
  • Equipping Hour Taala borehole with Solar water pumping system,
    107kWp .
  • Design, Supply and installation of solar water pump in Amiq Bekaa (Extension project)
  • Design, Supply and installation of 4 systems of 320 kW solar water pump in Mansoura, Bekaa
  • Supply & Installation of Solar pumps in Niha (50 kW), Niha – Chouf
  • Supply and Installation of 800 Street Lighting Poles in the three Unions of Al Sahel, Jabal Al Cheikh and Istiklal, through the Council for Development and Reconstruction, World Bank SSL
     SSL1  SSL2
  • Supply & Installation of 700 kW Solar System at Taghzia Factory Dibieh, South Lebanon through DREG program, UNDP
  • Supply & Installation of Solar pumps in Addousieh (108 kW), Client: Mr. Salman Ghaith. 60HP, 800m3/day
  • Provision of Civil Works to install a 90 kWp photovoltaic (PV) pumping station in Maachouk Gathering Tyre’ well to cover a major part of the water demand, UNDP 2017

Maachouk 1

Maachouk 2


  • Supply & Installation of 4 MW Solar Stations in Sierra Leone, UNOPS.This project was the largest executed in Sierra Leone & was closely covered by press where more than 50 Engineers were trained by Asaco in Collaboration with the Government of Sierra Leone 2017
    Sierra Leone 2  Sierra Leone 1


    Awoko News Paper & Sierra Leone News Published: “Solar energy project conducts training

    United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Sierra Leone is hosting series of training for selected installation companies, in solar business.In collaboration with Government the training will run from the 18th to 21st April, to be followed by 14

    days of on the job sessions in two communities, in Port Loko District.

    Held at Golden Tulip Hotel, Aberdeen, engineers from Barefoot Women Solar Engineers Association,

    Frontier Business Solutions and APITECH Africa Limited will be trained by three facilitators from ASACO Solar Company, the supplier of the solar equipment and tools, participants will use in the various beneficiary communities.

    The objective of the training is to maximize accurate connection and functionality of the various parts, to enhance the timely and proper completion of the system. In line with the project objective this training will ensure the solar equipment are installed correctly and products warranty requirements are not violated.

    Lead facilitator and Managing Director of ASACO a company with 25 years of experience in solar trade and contracting, Ramzi Abu Said, said, “Project safety and guidance is important in the training, using the installation checklist”.

  • Design, Supply & Installation of 320 Solar powered-Street Lighting System in Akkar, UNDP. 2016 
    Akkar1 Akkar2


  • Design, Supply & Installation of 4 Solar pumps in Amiq/Bekaa, (220 kW), Client: Mr. Hadi Wahib Ghaith) Contract no. PI_1411191401 under NEEREA. 2016
· Amiq 1   Amiq 2
  • Design & Supply of SMA Inverters & Solar Mounting Accessories for 600KW PV Project in Sukhna_Egypt 2016
  • Design, Supply & Installation of 24.8 kWp off-Grid Solar System Mar Chrabel School, Jieh-Lebanon) 2016
  • Municipality of Baakleen : Design, Supply, Install, Test, Commission & Maintenance of Overall System Contract Title: 45kW Water Pump Station with Renewable Energy, Municipality of Baakleen – Lebanon, funded by the European Union 2016.


  • Skaff Residence/Atchane Lebanon : Design Supply & Installation of 7.5kWp On-Grid, 24kW 3xphase Off Grid Backup, 90kWh Storage / under Neera 2016
  • Emkan – Souk Akkar: Design Supply and Installation of 120KW Photovoltaic Hybrid Power Plant at Emkan – Souk Akkar in Akkar, North Lebanon. UNDP 2016


  • Agricultural Center of North (CAN): Design Supply and Installation of 130KW photovoltaic Hybrid Power Plant at Agricultural Center of the North (CAN) of Rene Mouawad Foundation (RMF), Mejdlaya, North Lebanon, UINDP 2016.
  • Akkar Clinics: Design Supply and Installation of 15KW PV back-up micro power plants in clinics in Akkar , UNDP 2016
  •  Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS): Design Supply & Installation of First phase of the Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS) Project of 1 MW. (Ministry of Energy) 2015


  • Izzat Jallad & Sons: Design Supply & Installation of 150 KW Solar System at Izzat Jallad & Sons premises/Zouk, under Neera 2015


  • Niha Chouf Solar Pump: Design Supply & Installation of 20KW Solar Pump, client: Mr. Hadi Ghaith/ under Neera, 2015


  • Al Kafaat: Design Supply & Installation of 50KW Solar System, 12000 Liter Solar Water heater Systems at Institute Technique AL Kafaat/ Ainsaadeh, 2015.
  • UNLB Brindisi Italy: Supply of 324KW Solar Panels and Inverters to UNLB, Brindisi – Italy. 2015.
  • UNSB-Valencia: Supply of 210KW Solar Panels to UNSB-V, Valencia – Spain, 2015.
  • Zakhem Plaza: Design Supply & Installation of 36KW at Zakhem Plaza Beirut, 2014. Energy Yield: 58MWh/year
   zakhim1  zakhim2  zakhim3
  • Arec/AUB Poultry House: Design Supply & Installation of air heating geothermal system , PV solar  system, & Anaerobic digester,  American University of Beirut;  AREC Farm, 2014.Energy Yield: 150MWh/year
 poultry house  
 poultry2  poultry3  
  • USEK University: Design Supply & Installation of 0.5KWP at USEK- University Saint-Espirit De Kaslik, 2014.Energy Yield: 750kWh/year
  • Unifil Cables Supply of Cables UNIFIl,2014.
  • Unifil Landline Cart: Supply & Installation of Land line cart & remote terminal units for UNIFIL, 2014 .
  • UNGSC-Spain: Supply of 1080Pc. Solar Panels 300Watt, to UNGSC Spain. Energy Yield: 420MWp/year


  • UNIFIL Solar Equipment: Supply of Solar Equipment including SMA inverters, Tracking Units & PV module Optimizer, Roof /ground Mounts, 2014, UNIFIL Energy Yield : 144MWp/year


  • SMLC Energy Monitoring & Logging: for 30 feeders & production Lines  at Societe Modern Libanais Pour Le Commerce (SMLC-Pepsi Cola)2013.


  • Ramlieh village Drinking Water power plant: Design, Supply, Installation and commissioning of Drinking Water Pico Hydro Power Plant at Ramlieh Municipality, 2013,Energy Yield: 64Mw
 Ramlieh1  Ramlieh2
  • ACE Head Quarter :30Kw PV system; Design and Supervision,Energy Yield : 30Mwh


  • Micro Power Plants in Different Sites:schools /municipalities: Supply and installation of a hybrid PV and wind back-up micro power plants and energy efficiency sets –in Rihannieh Public School, Chebaa Secondary Public school, Deir ElAhmar Public School & Aarsal Telecom Outpost. (UNDP/Cedro), 2013,Energy Yield: 50Mwh/year
wind4  wind5


  • Wind Turbine/MINURSO: Supply of Wind Turbine with Control System Box Inverter SMA to UN MINURSO Headquarters/ Western Sahara / Morroco, 2013. Energy Yield: 20Mwp


  • Batteries/OGERO: Supply of BAE Batteries / size: 50 Kwp (264 x6OPZV 600) , VO TYPE (Complete including Intercell connectors, racks and relative accessories) , Ogero, 2013. Energy Yield: 72MWp


  • UNIFIL Wind Turbine: Supply of 2 Wind Turbines 3.5m  complete with accessories, UNIFIL,2013.Energy Yield: 5.5MWh


  • Micro Power plants in different sites: Supply & Installation of Photovoltaic back-up micro power plants and energy efficiency sets, in Nine Sites: (Dekweneh Technical School, Hamet Municipality, Kafarhay Municipality, Lebanese University – Tripoli Campus, Yahchouch Municipality, Lebanese University – Roumieh Campus, Sultaniyyeh Municipality, Yanta Public School &Zahle Public School), UNDP/Cedro, 2012-2013 .   Size 30KWp, Energy Yield: 45MWh
    Dekwaneh Zahle Maalaqa
  • Ain El Helweh Clinic Center: Supply & Installation of 3000W PV System in Ain El Helweh Clinic Center/ UNRWA.Yearly Energy Yield: 4.8MWp
Schools1  Schools2
 Schools3  Schools4
  • Akroum Elemntary School Akkar: Design Supply & Installation of Solar power system for elementary School in AKROUM /AKKAR, 10KWp (American University of Beirut) 2012.Yearly Energy Yield: 15MWh
 akkroum1  akkroum2
  • Aley Prison: Design Supply & Installation for 4KW Off-grid photovoltaic Solar System & 600liter Solar Hot water Thermosyphon system Closed type for Aley City Prison. 2012.Yearly Energy Yield:  15MWh
 ACPrison1  ACPrison3ACPrison2
  • UNIFIL High Voltage Energy Transport System: Turnkey Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of High Voltage Energy Transport System .comprising of 2×1.6MVA at 11Kvto transport solar power from the installed solar plant to diesel plant at about 1 km distance,UNIFIL HQ Naqoura, UNIFIL. 2012 .Energy Yield: 640MWh


  • Industrial Research Institute: Design Supply &  Installation of 60KW On-grid photovoltaic Solar System in favor of IRI (Industrial Research Institute). 2012.Energy Yield: 85Mwp
 Untitled-2  thumb
  • Sheikh Wahib Ghaith Residence: Design Supply & Installation of 120KVA Back UP and control System, AEG Power System- Owner Sheikh Wahib Ghaith 2012.Energy Yield: 250MWh
 Ghaith2  Ghaith1
  • Jallad Chalet /Barbabra:  Supply & Installation for 5KVA Photovoltaic back-up System at Barabara, Owner: Mr. Omar Jallad, 2012. Energy Yield: 7.5MWp


  • Photovoltaic back up Systems at 19 different sites (Schools, Municipalities & infirmary):Supply and installation for photovoltaic back-up systems and energy efficiency measures, for the below Nineteen sites in Akkar & Bekaa areas, 60Kwp, Client: UNDP/Cedro . Consultant: TTA/Spain Project,2009-2010.Energy Yield: 90MWh

 Akkar Lebanon:

 1.     Rajem Issa public school

2.     Mashtahamoud school

3.     KherbetDaoud, El Tleilepubic  school.

4.     El Tleile pubic school

5.     Hekr El Dahiripublic school

6.     Ouyoun El-Samak public school

7.     Kroum Arab public school

8.     AinYaakoub mixed public school

9.     Habshit public school

10.   Meniara public school for girls

11. El-Hakoor mixed public school


  • Bekaa-Lebanon:

1.     Baalbak first elementary

2.     Chmestar community center

3.     Hosh el Harime intermediate school

4.     Jeb Jennine Municipality and Library

5.     Mdoukha public school

6.     Hosh El-Oumara community center

7.     Aana Intermediate pubic school

8.     Tell Zounoub Intermediate

  • Led Street Lighting in 8 villages: Supply & Install Led Street Lighting fixtures in Eight villages/Cities located in Mount Lebanon, South, and Bekaa regions, Lebanon, UNDP-Cedro. 2011
  • Earthing for Led street Light Fixtures in 8 villages: Supply & Install Earthing for Led Street Lighting fixtures in Eight villages/Cities located in Mount Lebanon, South, and Bekaa regions, Lebanon, UNDP-Cedro 2011/2012.


  • Supply & Installation of Siren System in Naquora-Lebanon,  E-Class 3 Horn 400W PA Speaker System with Amplifier & Controls : 2006.
  • UNIFIL- Sanyo PV: Supply of 60KWp Sanyo Bifacial photovoltaic Solar system with On-grid inverters from Fronius and one axe trackers from Lorentz: UNIFILNaqura 2007/2009. Energy Yield: 108Mwh 


  • UNIFIL-ITRON: Supply of Power Net Metering systems for renewable PV system (Itron): UNIFIL 2008.
  • UNIFIL- Cables: Supply of High Voltage Cables for UNIFIL 2010 .·
  • UNIFIL-Controllers: Supply of Itron Field Controller, with Itron HH-Pro application software: UNIFIL.
  • UNIFIL-Suntech PV ASACO Racks & SMA inverters: 57KWp Solar Suntech PV monocrystalline Solar Cells, ASACO Aluminum ground Mounting Structure(Design & Supply), SMA inverter: UNIFIL, 2010Energy Yield: 85.5MWh
  • UNIFIL-Etatrack: Supply of Lorentz Etatrack UNIFIL,2010


  • PV Ground Mounts-UNIFIL: Supply for Solar Panels & Ground mounts for Sanyo HIP190 & HIP186 structured by Asaco, UNIFIL, 2010.
·        Solar Water Heaters-UNIFIL: Supply of custom design 100 Solar Water Heater Systems, UNIFIL, 2011.    un4
  • Solar Power Equipment – UNIFIL: Supply of  Solar Power Equipment 60KW, UNIFIL, 2011.Energy Yield: 100MWh
  • PV Mounting Racks- UNFIL: Supply of Mounts for Suntech Solar Panels STP190, 2011.193, 196KWp Energy Yield : 325MWh, 2011
  • Xantrex Inverters UNIFIL: Supply of Xantrex XW- Communication gateway, UNIFIL.
  • Fronius Inverters- UNIFIL:  Supply of Fronius Inverters, UNIFIL. 
  • Sliding Racks-UNIFIL: Supply of Aluminum Sliding Racks,made by ASACO  UNIFIL,2012


  • Solar Water Heater System – UNIFIL:  Supply of Solar Water Heater Systems 300L pressurized Type, UNIFIL,2012
  • Supply of SMA Inverters, UNIFIL,2012.
  • Supply of Sliding in Mounting Racks, UNIFIL, 2013
  • Supply of 700Pc. Solar Modules to UNLB/Italy, 2011.
  • Supply of 30KW Hybrid Solar Wind system with GTZ (German Development Cooperation) in Keserwan –Lebanon, 2010 .
  • BGF Stand Alone Wind Turbine (2002):350KVAp stand alone wind turbine in Amiq-Bekaa to supply BGF game farm with power mainly used for irrigation. Asaco was the local partner and contributed in the installation and adaptive design with Imtech-Vonk of the Netherlands as well as maintenance to date.Owner Sheikh Wahib Ghaith,Energy Yield: 525MWh
  • Kaaelreem Hydroelectric Study(2003): Feasibility Study to supply and install grid connected hydroelectric system to Mineral water RIM company to supply there 0.5MW power plant


  • Bmohrai   Study(2003/2006): Study to supply & Install Wind Turbine
  • Fakra residential Solar Power Project:  PV/Wind system(2003):

3000Wp stand alone PV/Wind hybrid system to supply a winter resort in Fakra-Lebanon. ASACO supplied and installed the complete systems

Energy Yield:4500kwh



  • AUB wind Turbine(2000): Supply and install 1000Wp wind turbine for research purposes.. Energy Yield: 1500Kwh


  • Internal Security Forces (ISF)  Communication PV stand-alone Relay(2003):

ISF PV System: Design, supply and installation of PV system in Favor of Internal security forces to supply the communication relays.  Size 1KWp, Energy Yield: 1500kwh


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