Continuous Development , Customer Satisfaction & Environmental Conservation is our Commitment

ASACO General Trade & Contracting is an ISO (9001 & 14000) certified company deeply-rooted in the Renewable Energy Field.
ASACO is the leading integrator for Renewable Energy Systems with the longest experience for the design, supply and installation of solar energy systems since 1998. ASACO was the first company to supply and commission projects in Lebanon related to this field. ASACO has also developed a manufacturing department specialized in mounting racks for photovoltaic solar panels capable to tailor the special requirements for every possible design whether it was installed on a roof top, building façades or the ground.

ASACO is a local technical partner and an authorized dealer for famous brands in this field such as Studer Innotech, SMA, Fronius , Schneider/Xantrex, Circutor, Sunlight, CSun, Suntech, and more!

ASACO Consists of Four Main Departments:

  1. The Quality Department: Monitors all other departments and ensures that all are implementing quality procedures according to ISO9001.

  2. The Commercial Department: Responsible for General Trade as well as Procurement. ASACO deals with and represents many reputable International Vendors for Electrical, Security, Lighting and Renewable Energy Systems.

  3. The Contracting and Consultation Department: Offers studies, and designs systems used in Renewable Energy ensuring efficiency for all projects. Consultation is very active in this department. Consultation is responsible for the design and studies in the field of lighting and renewable energy systems. This department is also responsible to set guidance and to enforce proper supervision for subcontractors that are allocated by the company for certain projects and assignments. This department also provides contracting services for projects that adopt the company’s products, like projects of X-mass Decorative Street Lighting, Fiber Optics Design, Decoration, General Lighting, and Electrification.

  4. The Industrial Department: This department was founded to manage the industrial facility which is fully owned by ASACO. This facility consists of a 1500m² area for the production lines of GLS Bulbs, Customized LED Light System, Electronic Circuits, Plastic Machinery and Assembly Line, Tubular Motors and RF Remote Control Units, as well as Solar Panel Fabrication. The factory produces about $1.0M per annum worth of products: most of which are being sold in Lebanon and being exported to neighboring countries. The factory started operation in 2003.

ASACO is also a shareholder in LUAS Lighting, an Energy Saving Lamps Factory founded in Zhejiang/China in 2010.

ASACO has also worked alongside NGO’s and International Agencies:

In addition to the different projects completed for private sectors, ASACO has performed some green-energy related projects with international agencies and organizations such as UNIFIL, UNDP, MINURSO, UNLB, and GTZ (German Development Cooperation) and has installed and supplied such systems to the Lebanese Internal Forces, The Industrial Research Institution and several other Lebanese municipalities with feasibility studies for such systems as well.

ASACO cares deeply for a Green Energy Environment and is represented therein by Mr. Ramzi Abou Said, the Chief Executive Officer of ASACO.

ASACO is also playing an active role in hosting campaigns for Green Energy Awareness to spread this knowledge in mass communities such as on University and College Campuses and in Exhibitions.