• 4 MW Solar Stations in SierraLeone : Supply & Installation of 4 MW Solar Stations in SierraLeone, UNOPS


  • Street Lighting System in Akkar : Design, Supply & Installation of 320 Solar powered-Street Lighting System in Akkar, UNDP


  • Amiq/Bekaa: Design, Supply & Installation of 4 Solar pumps in Amiq/Bekaa, (220KW), Client: Mr. Hadi Wahib Ghaith) Contract no. PI_1411191401 under Neera.


  • Mar Chrabel School : Design, Supply & Installation of 24.8kWp off-Grid Solar System Mar Chrabel School, Jieh-Lebanon) 2016


  • Municipality of Baakleen : Design, Supply, Install, Test, Commission & Maintenance of Overall System Contract Title: 45kW Water Pump Station with Renewable Energy, Municipality of Baakleen – Lebanon, funded by the European Union 2016.


  • Skaff Residence/Atchane Lebanon : Design Supply & Installation of 7.5kWp On-Grid, 24kW 3xphase Off Grid Backup, 90kWh Storage / under Neera 2016
  • Emkan – Souk Akkar: Design Supply and Installation of 120KW Photovoltaic Hybrid Power Plant at Emkan – Souk Akkar in Akkar, North Lebanon. UNDP 2016


  • Agricultural Center of North (CAN): Design Supply and Installation of 130KW photovoltaic Hybrid Power Plant at Agricultural Center of the North (CAN) of Rene Mouawad Foundation (RMF), Mejdlaya, North Lebanon, UINDP 2016.
  • Akkar Clinics: Design Supply and Installation of 15KW PV back-up micro power plants in clinics in Akkar , UNDP 2016
  •  Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS): Design Supply & Installation of First phase of the Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS) Project of 1 MW. (Ministry of Energy) 2015


  • Izzat Jallad & Sons: Design Supply & Installation of 150 KW Solar System at Izzat Jallad & Sons premises/Zouk, under Neera 2015


  • Niha Chouf Solar Pump: Design Supply & Installation of 20KW Solar Pump, client: Mr. Hadi Ghaith/ under Neera, 2015


  • Al Kafaat: Design Supply & Installation of 50KW Solar System, 12000 Liter Solar Water heater Systems at Institute Technique AL Kafaat/ Ainsaadeh, 2015.
  • UNLB Brindisi Italy: Supply of 324KW Solar Panels and Inverters to UNLB, Brindisi – Italy. 2015.
  • UNSB-Valencia: Supply of 210KW Solar Panels to UNSB-V, Valencia – Spain, 2015.
  • Zakhem Plaza: Design Supply & Installation of 36KW at Zakhem Plaza Beirut, 2014. Energy Yield: 58MWh/year
 zakhim1  zakhim2  zakhim3
  • Arec/AUB Poultry House: Design Supply & Installation of air heating geothermal system , PV solar  system, & Anaerobic digester,  American University of Beirut;  AREC Farm, 2014.Energy Yield: 150MWh/year
 poultry house
 poultry2  poultry3
  • USEK University: Design Supply & Installation of 0.5KWP at USEK- University Saint-Espirit De Kaslik, 2014.Energy Yield: 750kWh/year
  • Unifil Cables Supply of Cables UNIFIl,2014.
  • Unifil Landline Cart: Supply & Installation of Land line cart & remote terminal units for UNIFIL, 2014 .
  • UNGSC-Spain: Supply of 1080Pc. Solar Panels 300Watt, to UNGSC Spain. Energy Yield: 420MWp/year


  • UNIFIL Solar Equipment: Supply of Solar Equipment including SMA inverters, Tracking Units & PV module Optimizer, Roof /ground Mounts, 2014, UNIFIL Energy Yield : 144MWp/year


  • SMLC Energy Monitoring & Logging: for 30 feeders & production Lines  at Societe Modern Libanais Pour Le Commerce (SMLC-Pepsi Cola)2013.


  • Ramlieh village Drinking Water power plant: Design, Supply, Installation and commissioning of Drinking Water Pico Hydro Power Plant at Ramlieh Municipality, 2013,Energy Yield: 64Mw
 Ramlieh1  Ramlieh2
  • ACE Head Quarter :30Kw PV system; Design and Supervision,Energy Yield : 30Mwh


  • Micro Power Plants in Different Sites:schools /municipalities: Supply and installation of a hybrid PV and wind back-up micro power plants and energy efficiency sets –in Rihannieh Public School, Chebaa Secondary Public school, Deir ElAhmar Public School & Aarsal Telecom Outpost. (UNDP/Cedro), 2013,Energy Yield: 50Mwh/year
wind4  wind5


  • Wind Turbine/MINURSO: Supply of Wind Turbine with Control System Box Inverter SMA to UN MINURSO Headquarters/ Western Sahara / Morroco, 2013. Energy Yield: 20Mwp


  • Batteries/OGERO: Supply of BAE Batteries / size: 50 Kwp (264 x6OPZV 600) , VO TYPE (Complete including Intercell connectors, racks and relative accessories) , Ogero, 2013. Energy Yield: 72MWp


  • UNIFIL Wind Turbine: Supply of 2 Wind Turbines 3.5m  complete with accessories, UNIFIL,2013.Energy Yield: 5.5MWh


  • Micro Power plants in different sites: Supply & Installation of Photovoltaic back-up micro power plants and energy efficiency sets, in Nine Sites: (Dekweneh Technical School, Hamet Municipality, Kafarhay Municipality, Lebanese University – Tripoli Campus, Yahchouch Municipality, Lebanese University – Roumieh Campus, Sultaniyyeh Municipality, Yanta Public School &Zahle Public School), UNDP/Cedro, 2012-2013 .   Size 30KWp, Energy Yield: 45MWh
    Dekwaneh Zahle Maalaqa
  • Ain El Helweh Clinic Center: Supply & Installation of 3000W PV System in Ain El Helweh Clinic Center/ UNRWA.Yearly Energy Yield: 4.8MWp
Schools1  Schools2
 Schools3  Schools4
  • Akroum Elemntary School Akkar: Design Supply & Installation of Solar power system for elementary School in AKROUM /AKKAR, 10KWp (American University of Beirut) 2012.Yearly Energy Yield: 15MWh
 akkroum1  akkroum2
  • Aley Prison: Design Supply & Installation for 4KW Off-grid photovoltaic Solar System & 600liter Solar Hot water Thermosyphon system Closed type for Aley City Prison. 2012.Yearly Energy Yield:  15MWh
 ACPrison1  ACPrison3ACPrison2
  • UNIFIL High Voltage Energy Transport System: Turnkey Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of High Voltage Energy Transport System .comprising of 2×1.6MVA at 11Kvto transport solar power from the installed solar plant to diesel plant at about 1 km distance,UNIFIL HQ Naqoura, UNIFIL. 2012 .Energy Yield: 640MWh


  • Industrial Research Institute: Design Supply &  Installation of 60KW On-grid photovoltaic Solar System in favor of IRI (Industrial Research Institute). 2012.Energy Yield: 85Mwp
 Untitled-2  thumb
  • Sheikh Wahib Ghaith Residence: Design Supply & Installation of 120KVA Back UP and control System, AEG Power System- Owner Sheikh Wahib Ghaith 2012.Energy Yield: 250MWh
 Ghaith2  Ghaith1
  • Jallad Chalet /Barbabra:  Supply & Installation for 5KVA Photovoltaic back-up System at Barabara, Owner: Mr. Omar Jallad, 2012. Energy Yield: 7.5MWp


  • Photovoltaic back up Systems at 19 different sites (Schools, Municipalities & infirmary):Supply and installation for photovoltaic back-up systems and energy efficiency measures, for the below Nineteen sites in Akkar & Bekaa areas, 60Kwp, Client: UNDP/Cedro . Consultant: TTA/Spain Project,2009-2010.Energy Yield: 90MWh

 Akkar Lebanon:

 1.     Rajem Issa public school

2.     Mashtahamoud school

3.     KherbetDaoud, El Tleilepubic  school.

4.     El Tleile pubic school

5.     Hekr El Dahiripublic school

6.     Ouyoun El-Samak public school

7.     Kroum Arab public school

8.     AinYaakoub mixed public school

9.     Habshit public school

10.   Meniara public school for girls

11. El-Hakoor mixed public school


  • Bekaa-Lebanon:

1.     Baalbak first elementary

2.     Chmestar community center

3.     Hosh el Harime intermediate school

4.     Jeb Jennine Municipality and Library

5.     Mdoukha public school

6.     Hosh El-Oumara community center

7.     Aana Intermediate pubic school

8.     Tell Zounoub Intermediate

  • Led Street Lighting in 8 villages: Supply & Install Led Street Lighting fixtures in Eight villages/Cities located in Mount Lebanon, South, and Bekaa regions, Lebanon, UNDP-Cedro. 2011


  • Earthing for Led street Light Fixtures in 8 villages: Supply & Install Earthing for Led Street Lighting fixtures in Eight villages/Cities located in Mount Lebanon, South, and Bekaa regions, Lebanon, UNDP-Cedro 2011/2012.


  • Supply & Installation of Siren System in Naquora-Lebanon,  E-Class 3 Horn 400W PA Speaker System with Amplifier & Controls : 2006.
  • UNIFIL- Sanyo PV: Supply of 60KWp Sanyo Bifacial photovoltaic Solar system with On-grid inverters from Fronius and one axe trackers from Lorentz: UNIFILNaqura 2007/2009. Energy Yield: 108Mwh 


  • UNIFIL-ITRON: Supply of Power Net Metering systems for renewable PV system (Itron): UNIFIL 2008.
  • UNIFIL- Cables: Supply of High Voltage Cables for UNIFIL 2010 .·
  • UNIFIL-Controllers: Supply of Itron Field Controller, with Itron HH-Pro application software: UNIFIL.
  • UNIFIL-Suntech PV ASACO Racks & SMA inverters: 57KWp Solar Suntech PV monocrystalline Solar Cells, ASACO Aluminum ground Mounting Structure(Design & Supply), SMA inverter: UNIFIL, 2010Energy Yield: 85.5MWh
  • UNIFIL-Etatrack: Supply of Lorentz Etatrack UNIFIL,2010


  • PV Ground Mounts-UNIFIL: Supply for Solar Panels & Ground mounts for Sanyo HIP190 & HIP186 structured by Asaco, UNIFIL, 2010.
·        Solar Water Heaters-UNIFIL: Supply of custom design 100 Solar Water Heater Systems, UNIFIL, 2011.    un4
  • Solar Power Equipment – UNIFIL: Supply of  Solar Power Equipment 60KW, UNIFIL, 2011.Energy Yield: 100MWh
  • PV Mounting Racks- UNFIL: Supply of Mounts for Suntech Solar Panels STP190, 2011.193, 196KWp Energy Yield : 325MWh, 2011
  • Xantrex Inverters UNIFIL: Supply of Xantrex XW- Communication gateway, UNIFIL.
  • Fronius Inverters- UNIFIL:  Supply of Fronius Inverters, UNIFIL. 
  • Sliding Racks-UNIFIL: Supply of Aluminum Sliding Racks,made by ASACO  UNIFIL,2012


  • Solar Water Heater System – UNIFIL:  Supply of Solar Water Heater Systems 300L pressurized Type, UNIFIL,2012
  • Supply of SMA Inverters, UNIFIL,2012.
  • Supply of Sliding in Mounting Racks, UNIFIL, 2013
  • Supply of 700Pc. Solar Modules to UNLB/Italy, 2011.
  • Supply of 30KW Hybrid Solar Wind system with GTZ (German Development Cooperation) in Keserwan –Lebanon, 2010 .
  • BGF Stand Alone Wind Turbine (2002):350KVAp stand alone wind turbine in Amiq-Bekaa to supply BGF game farm with power mainly used for irrigation. Asaco was the local partner and contributed in the installation and adaptive design with Imtech-Vonk of the Netherlands as well as maintenance to date.Owner Sheikh Wahib Ghaith,Energy Yield: 525MWh


  • Kaaelreem Hydroelectric Study(2003): Feasibility Study to supply and install grid connected hydroelectric system to Mineral water RIM company to supply there 0.5MW power plant


  • Bmohrai   Study(2003/2006): Study to supply & Install Wind Turbine
  • Fakra residential Solar Power Project:  PV/Wind system(2003):

3000Wp stand alone PV/Wind hybrid system to supply a winter resort in Fakra-Lebanon. ASACO supplied and installed the complete systems

Energy Yield:4500kwh



  • AUB wind Turbine(2000): Supply and install 1000Wp wind turbine for research purposes.. Energy Yield: 1500Kwh

  • Internal Security Forces (ISF)  Communication PV stand-alone Relay(2003):

ISF PV System: Design, supply and installation of PV system in Favor of Internal security forces to supply the communication relays.  Size 1KWp, Energy Yield: 1500kwh