• Taghzia Factory Dibieh : Supply & Installation of 700KW Solar System at Taghzia Factory Dibieh, South Lebanon through  Dreg program, UNDP.



  • Choukeen Solar Station : Supply & Installation of 1 MW Solar Station in Choukeen, Ministry of Energy and Water.
  • Solar pumps in Addousieh : Supply & Installation of Solar pumps in Addousieh (108KW), Client:Mr. Salman Ghaith. under Neera 60HP, 800m3/day
  • Jabal el Halib “NidaaEnsani’ : Provision of Civil Works to install a 90KW  photovoltaic (PV) pumping station for Jabal el Halib “NidaaEnsani’ well to cover a major part of the water demand of Jabal el Halib, UNDP3